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Inflection 05 - Feedback

New Release: October 2018

The fifth volume of Inflection is an open-ended investigation into how designers are interpreting and countering the prevailing narrative that pushes for greater efficiency and automation using sophisticated data analytics. Feedback gathers a wide range of responses, united by their collective advocacy for a sophisticated understanding of processes, frameworks and ethics.

Inflection is a student-run design journal based at the Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne. Born from a desire to stimulate debate and generate ideas, it advocates the discursive voice of students, academics and practitioners. Founded in 2013, Inflection is a home for provocative writing—a place to share ideas and engage with contemporary discourse.

Contributors include: Jack Self, Greg Lynn, Christine Wamsler, Nicole Lambrou


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SAC Journal 4 - Culinary Lessons

New Release: October 2018

CULINARY LESSONS - The Space of Food 

The fourth issue of the SAC JOURNAL presents a series of texts that chart and speculate on the relationship between architecture, art and the culinary world. It is based on a series of events that engage with the enormous social, economic and cultural spaces that accompany the production and consumption of food. Culinary Lessons attempts to unravel some of these spaces‘ structure and dynamics in order to learn from culinary history and, not the least, the recent vanguard of culinary practice.

SAC JOURNAL is a publication series that addresses topical issues within architecture. The journal documents, critically reviews and presents theoretical discussions concerning contemporary design and research. The SAC JOURNAL is edited by the Städelschule Architecture Class.

Contributors include: Daniel Birnbaum, Charlotte Birnbaum, Mike Bouchet, Mehmet Gürs, Sanford Kwinter, Fabrice Mazliah, Tobias Rehberger, Carolyn Steel, Jan Åman, and Johan Bettum.


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AADR @ Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

Find us here: Halle 4.1 Booth K105 from 11.-15.10.2017

Book presentation

The adventures of Friedrich Reinhard count of Rechteren-Limpurg in the Mediterranean and the American War of Independence 1770 – 1782

Presentation of the new book “The adventures of Friedrich Reinhard count of Rechteren-Limpurg in the Mediterranean and the American War of Independence 1770 – 1782“ on the 20th of November, 2016 in the castle of Sommerhausen.


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AADR @ Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

this time with architecture books

We present all new and existing titles, including Feminist Futures, Architectural Aesthetic Speculations, The Society of Interiors, and many others. Find us in Hall 4.1, next to Actar D, NAI010, Hatje Cantz and many others. Frankfurt, October 19.-23., Hall 4.1, Booth К97


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